Hong Kong promotes renewable energy ,R&D floating solar panels
The Secretary for Development of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Huang Weilun, revealed on the blog on the May 6th,2018 that solar panels cover only a very small pool of water, and each panel is made of glass that prevents reflection of sunlight and does not affect the surrounding environment. Artificial devices can be integrated with nature.
Huang Weilun pointed out that the installation of floating solar panels on the surface of the water can provide natural cooling effects and improve the efficiency of power generation. Solar panels cover the surface of water and help reduce the evaporation of stored water and protect water resources.
The Secretary for the Environment of the SAR Government, Mr Wong Kam-sing, also published a blog saying that the amount of electricity generated is equivalent to the total amount of electricity used by his own family for several decades. He also said that the electrical performance of the reservoir is about 20% higher than that of a typical local rooftop installation, laying a key foundation for Hong Kong's future development of a larger-scale floating solar power generation facility.
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