US California regulations new house must install solar panel, every family need to pay RMB 60,000.00
Overseas Network, May 10th, local time May 9, the United States clean energy, "vanguard" California announced a new rule, since 2020, all new housing must install solar panels.
According to ABC news reports, this provision was proposed by the California Energy Commission to curb the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. The new regulations are widely supported by building representatives, utilities, and solar manufacturers, and can only be implemented with the approval of the California Building Standards Council.
According to the estimates of the committee, the installation of solar panels will increase the construction cost of 9,500 US dollars (approximately 60,000 Yuan) per household, but in the next 30 years, they can save about 19,000 US dollars in energy use, etc. 12 million Yuan). Although this provision is only for new houses, some homeowners have used the subsidy program to install solar panels on their home roofs.
According to the report, California has great enthusiasm for addressing climate change and promoting new energy sources. It regards itself as a leader in clean energy in the United States, and has always been committed to the development of electric vehicles and the reduction of building carbon emissions. California is also the nation's first solar installation market. According to the Solar Energy Industry Association, more than 5 million homes in the state use solar energy.
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