The Crisis and Opportunity of Lithium Battery Development from the Results of China-U.S.
Recently, a negotiating team composed of senior U.S. officials visited China and started negotiations with China on the recent trade war. The result of the Sino-U.S. economic and trade consultations is that the two sides have reached some consensus in some areas, but there are still big differences on some issues. Obviously, a trade war initiated by the United States against "Made in China 2025" will not stop there. However, in this trade war, the “ZTE Incident” triggered an earthquake in the industry, and then the United States once again pointed to Huawei’s ban on ZTE.The ZTE incident, revealing the shortcomings of lacking core technology in China’s manufacturing industry and spurring the nerves of the Chinese people. From these incidents, as a key energy-producing vehicle for China's manufacturing of 2025, new energy vehicles, in order to avoid "sweeping", power lithium batteries must also take precautions against the occurrence of crises and actively look for ways out.
Since the outbreak of the development of China's new energy vehicles, as a core component power lithium batteries have also ushered in a "high light moment."
At one time, Chinese companies accounted for 7 seats in the world's top 10 power battery sales. Today, China has the most power battery companies in the world. Statistics show that at present, there are more than 200 power battery companies in China. According to Forbes News Network, China is expected to account for over 70% of the global battery market by 2020.
In addition, the development of the power lithium battery industry has led to the rise of upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain. This prompted China to form a large-scale and more complete power battery industry chain. However, it is still not strong enough. Some key core equipment and technologies are still abroad, and there is a risk that core equipment and technologies will be cut off.
The weakness components of lithium material-- separator
As we all know, the separator is one of the four key components of a lithium battery. Therefore, the quality of the separator will directly affect the capacity, lifespan, and safety performance of the power lithium-ion battery. The better the quality and the better the performance of the separator, the better the overall performance of the battery. At present, China's positive and negative materials and electrolytes have completed the process of localization. The preparation of lithium battery separator is currently the weak link in China's power battery industry.
Poor consistency of battery cells’ manufacturing
The manufacturing process of the battery cell is complicated, and the main steps of manufacturing the battery cells include: positive and negative electrode slurry preparation, slurry coating, positive and negative electrode roll pressurization, positive and negative electrode production and battery assembly, each process will be affects the performance of the power battery.
The development of lithium battery in our country is still not perfect in the lithium battery manufacturing process. The major problem with power battery manufacturers is that it is difficult to achieve fine-grained control over each process to achieve high consistency.
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