Off-Grid Solar Power System

Solar Off-grid power system solved the power supply problems for those area without grid coverage or stability grid, the generated electric energy stored in the batteries through by controller, when the user need electricity, the inverter will transfer DC into AC power to the user’s load by transmission line.


These cases are sutable for solar energy resources lll class area
1. Reasonable match on power generation, energy storage, inverter output equipments.
2 Adopt stable power freqenoy inverter with stable output voltage
3. High efficiency solar module with MPPT function charge controller
4, Deep cycle battry with long lifespan
5. Easy to install kow maintenance and Expansion convenient


Inverter with 1KW,Solar panel with 1KW,the inverter coefficient with 0.8.Solar modules and battery on the actual load capacity to make expansion and reduction,adjusted by actual power consumption.
Model No. Spec. Qty Total power Notes
Solar panel 250W/36V 4pcs 1000W 4pcs in parallel
Deep cycle Battery(VRLA) 200AH/12V 2pcs 200AH/24V 2pcs in Series
Controller 40A/24V 1pcs 1000W /
Pure sine wave inverter 2KVA/DC24V/AC220V 1pcs 1500WW /
Optional accessories AC charger,Solar panel bracket,Cabinet,PV cable

Load appliance for reference
Load Power(W) Qty. Totall power(W) Working hours(H) Power consumption
Light 30 3 90 6 0.54
TV 100 1 100 6 0.6
Fan 40 2 80 10 0.8
Computer 100 1 100 8 0.8
Refrigerator 200 1 200 24 0.8
Total / / 570 / 3.54

Average daily generated energy:4KW(Refer to the average peak watt hour,4Hrs)
Battery storage power:3.36KWH
Model No. Total power(w) 12V200AH*1pc 12V150AH*2pc
Discharging time  Discharging time 
Discharging time 
200 8.4Hrs 12.6Hrs 16.8Hrs
400 4.2Hrs 6.3Hrs 8.4Hrs
800 2.1Hrs 3.1Hrs 4.2Hrs

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