50W Solar Street System(Lithium-iron battery)
The solar street light system includes:solar panel,LED lamp,controller,battery and pole.During the daytime,the solar panel will charge to the battery.The battery will power for the LED at night.Solar street light has many advantages:no complex and expensive pipeline laid needed.The lay out of the lamp is arbitary adjustable safety and energy saving,zero pollution,no manual work needed,stable and reliable working,maintenance free It is the first selection of the rural and urban road lighting at night.

During the day,when the sun shines into the surface of solar panels,photovoltaic solar panels generate electricity,power by wire transfer to the controller,voltage controller,detection of battery charging,ningt light,gradually weakened,solar cells working voltage,working current decreases,when the charging voltage working voltage less than the provisions of the controller, the solar panel charging end and the discharge start voltage generated until the second day of the solar panel is larger than the prescribed voltage controller,the discharge end,this constant cycle,this is the light controller principle of solar lamps.

Environmental protection and energy saving:solar photovoltaic lighting to the sun as the energy,the solar energy into eletric energy and then converted into light energy,environmental protection.
Safe use:most solar photovoltaic lighting is the DC low voltage(less than 24V)independent power system,the voltage at the end of the human safety voltage,meet the electricity standards of national security.
Installation is simple:do not have to lay the cable,installation and maintenave is simple,convenient.
Solar lighting in the vicinity of the number of trees shall not affect the lighting of solar lighting,when the shelter to the trees in a timely manner to prune.In front of the solar lighting is prohibited to set tall shelter,so as not to affect the lighting of solar lighting.

 ALL-IN-ONE Solar street light  50W   ModelHEFE-NPP50W
Solar panel Maximum power 18V  80WHigh-efficiency monocrystalline silicon
Service life 20 years
Material Tempered glass
Battery Type LiFePO4 12.8V/30AH
Warranty 3 years
LED Maximum power   12V 50W
Brand of  LED chips BridgeLux
Quantity 2 pcs COB
Lumen 5000-5500 LM
Service life 50000 hours
Beam angle 120°
Color temperature Unit (k) 6000k-6500Kwhite
Controller Light controll The lamp is in charge when there is light, the lamp lits when it gets dark.
Human body induction The power of lamp is 100% when someone walk by, 30 seconds after the man left, the power is 50%.                ( inductive distance 8~10m)
Charging time Solar irradiation 10 hours  (in intense sunshine)
Discharging time Full power >20 hours
Power saving mode >40 hours
Operation temperature Range(°C ) -20~+70
Mounting height Range(m) 6-7m
Mounting distance Range(m) 40-50m
Body material Aluminum
Certificates CE / ROHS / IP65
Packing and weight Dimension 115*42.5*15CM
Carton Size   120*48*22CM
N.weight & G. weight 14KG/17KG
Set/carton  1 set/carton
Container 20GP/40GP 200 sets /400 sets
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