BG-20-40KW(On the left side of the view)

1,Stable output with low frequency transformer 
2,Providing power for all kinds of appliances including inductive load.
3,With MPPT solar charge function
4,Includes AC mains charging
5,Suitable for various types of battery 
6,Various protection includes overload,short-circuit.
7,Multiple types working mode(AC first, battery first, energy saving mode.)

Peak power
working voltage
Maximum current 
Open voltage
circuit current
Dimension  Weight  Remark
25-35W 18V 1.4-1.9A 21.8-22.4V 1.54-2.08A 660*350*30mm 3.6kg
35-45W 18V  1.96-2.44A 21.8-22.4V 2.16-2.67A 550*510*30mm  3.6kg
45-55W 18V 2.52-2.98A 21.8-22.4V 2.78-3.28A 710*510*30mm 4.3kg
55-65W 18V 3.08-3.53A 21.8-22.4V 3.4-3.87A 670*620*30mm 5.1kg
65-75W 18V 3.65-4.07A 21.8-22.4V 4.02-4.47A 720*670*30mm 5.8kg
75-85W 18V 4.21-4.61A 21.8-22.4V 4.64-5.07A 770*670*30mm 6.6kg
80-90W 18V 4.49-4.89A 21.8-22.4V 4.95-5.37A 770*670*30mm 6.6kg
90-110W 18V 5.05-5.97A 21.8-22.4V 5.57-6.56A 1040*670*30mm 7kg
120-140W 18V 6.74-7.6A 21.8-22.4V 7.43-8.35A 1200*670*30mm 8kg
140-160W 18V 7.86-8.69A 21.8-22.4V 8.62-9.52A 1480*670*30mm 10.8kg
265W 30V 8.71A 42.8V 9.41A 1640*992*40mm  19kg
275W 30V 8.71A 42.8V 9.41A 1640*992*40mm 19kg
285W 30V 8.71A 42.8V 9.41A 1640*992*40mm 19kg
200-220W 36V 5.61-6.04A 44.8-45.2V 6.03-6.5A 1330*992*40mm 14.1kg
300-320W 36V 8.42-8.79A 44.8-45.2V 8.98-9.47A 1950*992*40mm 21.5kg
270-290W 36V 8.42-8.79A 44.8-45.2V 8.98-9.47A 1700*992*40mm 19.3kg

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